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    Training Day Moved To 15th June

    We are busy adding the final touches to our classroom, in preparation for our pattern imprinted concrete training day. Due to unforseen circumstances the date has been pushed forward by a week to Saturday the 15th June, but there are still places available if you wish to learn about the installation process of pattern imprinted concrete.

    The course will begin at 9am, with refreshments and lunch included. The booking fee is £25, or alternatively you can just turn up on the the day and pay the £150 + VAT total, but obviously a place will not be guaranteed for you.

    Training Day

    Learn the 'art' of pattern imprinted concrete installation

    Learn the 'art' of pattern imprinted concrete installation

    Places are beginning to fill up for our pattern imprinted concrete training day, but there are still some available. Book now to avoid missing out.

    The course provides a great opportunity to learn how to install and maintain pattern imprinted concrete, one of the fastest growing parts of the uk home improvement sector. There will be a mixture of classroom learning and hands-on practical experience. Everyone is welcome, from novice installers wanting to learn from scratch, to specifiers wanting to gain a greater knowledge of the materials and processes.

    The course starts at 9am on Saturday, 8th June, with the booking fee being £25. If you would like to reserve a place, please phone us on 01706 827180 or email

    Case Study – March Drive, Brandlesholme

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Installed in November 2012, this particular customer asked for our details from a former customer of ours after being impressed by our work. They wanted a transformation to both the back and front of their property with a new pattern imprinted driveway and patio.

    On preparation a large planter was removed from the front of the property, which opened the driveway up significantly, providing much needed space. Steps were built to the rear of the property within a new wall that we built to provide stepped access to the raised area, and a half moon step was installed to the front of the property providing access to the front door. Both sets of steps were formed using charcoal KL blocks.

    Another wall was built between our customer’s property and their neighbour using Marshallite buff block, the same block used to the rear of the property. The walls were then topped with coping stones. When deciding on the pattern and colour of the pattern imprinted concrete, the customer chose russet and the Ashlar slate pattern.

    To view the complete case study complete with photos, click here

    Concrete Mix Design

    The right concrete mix ratio can solve problems or it can create them. What we rely on in a concrete mix is one that is easy to place, strong enough to meet the needs of the application, durable for the life of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete, and that will look good when we are done with our decorative efforts.

    The design mix is of the upmost importance especially when it comes to Pattern Imprinted Concrete. There must be a happy medium in terms of water and cement ratio and also the types and amount of aggregates used. For us a wetter concrete with smaller aggregates will be easier to place, but with this the concrete upon curing will be less durable. Where as an extremely ‘stiff mix’ with larger aggregates, which may be the most durable concrete in the world would be near impossible to place.

    This video was taken at the time of an excavation which shows how detrimental not having the right design mix can be. The supplier of this concrete evidently didn’t take design mix seriously, the concrete appears putty like and is easily destroyed. In reality, with correct mix, the hammer should bounce off the concrete. To view the video follow the link to our you tube channel below.

    A Late Summer Or An Early Autumn

    Well, there certainly seems to be a lot of weather about at the moment. One day it’s baking hot, the next it’s ridiculously windy.  And, as ever, different weather forecasting bods are telling us different information. There’s been talk of an Indian summer, but Autumn seems to be creeping up on us pretty fast. Personally we wouldn’t like to place bets either way.

    Those of you who have already invested in a pattern imprinted concrete driveway will be well aware of its benefits. When the sun’s shining you’ve got a good surface for those outdoor tasks that need to be done, for children to play on, and even – let’s push the boat out – a BBQ.

    a pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    a pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    When it’s wet, you’re free from worrying about tracking mud into the house. And thanks to the non-slip nature of the sealant which we apply as the finishing stage of all pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations, you should stand less chance of unlucky falls (although obviously, accidents can happen).

    If you’ve not yet had your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installed, now is the time to start the process. Summer is the peak time for installing pattern imprinted concrete drives, because the process becomes more difficult the colder and wetter it gets. And, as we’re sure you know, it can get pretty cold and wet in the North West.

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