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    Case Study – Tannery Way, Gorton

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Compass Acid Stained Compass

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Acid Stained Compass

    Installed in September 2012, this landscaped patio and raised patio area featured a variety of interesting features. A pond area was formed and brick walls erected to define the pond area and the raised patio area. Key kerbs were installed to create a series of large half-moon steps leading to the raised patio area and the back patio doors. At the side of the pond a filter was situated and was covered by creating a small decked area, which incorporated a hatch for access to the filter. The use of pacific boardwalk pattern suited the raised area, with the pattern, compass, decking and pond area working beautifully together. The lower patio featured the country cobble print, which with its traditional look completed the whole area perfectly. The lower patio was linked to a cobble pathway which stretched down the side of the house toward the front of the property. Before the job was protected with seal, the compass was artistically stained.

    This week we received an email from the customer saying the following:-

    Hi Tim & Ben

    This email is a thank you for the transformation you made of our garden after a certain company left it in a disgraceful manner. Your whole team of lads are a credit to your company in the way the work & their attitude was carried out.

    As you know the company we first gave the job to absolutely wrecked our garden & damaged our property even though we did our homework to avoid ‘cowboy builders’. We cannot thank you enough for the way you have sorted out all the previous builders mistakes and for your professional aftercare.

    Your workmanship is well worth the money we have spent and all the tea made. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, you have done a fantastic job.


    Paul & Michaela

    You can see other photos from the full case study here.

    Case Study – Deepdale Road

    Sunlit Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway

    Sunlit Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Installed at Deepdale Road, Breightmet in mid July 2012, this was a project that was funded by Bolton Council. It was the second project in July where we were set a similar task, to provide a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing patio which would incorporate a ramp with level access for wheelchair use, and install new fencing.

    To start with the area was uneven and untidy, and was littered with trip hazards. A manhole in the centre of the patio was sunken below concrete and was unsightly and dangerous.

    We began by tidying the area, and the manhole was replaced by a recessed manhole cover. We then used flags on edge to form the access ramp and the step into the back door. The customer wanted a more contemporary pattern with a shallower depth for the Pattern Imprinted Concrete, so walkway slate was recommended and worked well with the overall shape of the patio area. The concrete was also applied to the recessed manhole so that it blended in with the rest of the patio. Finally Waney Lap fencing was erected on the backside of the property to add privacy to the new patio area.

    Case Study – Tanners Street

    View of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete from the newly installed decking

    View of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete from the newly installed decking

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete installed at Tanners Street, Ramsbottom in June 2012, the aim of this project was to provide a driveway and incorporate an outdoor living space.

    Firstly the job area was excavated and the frame of the decking was erected. The Pattern Imprinted Concrete area was then prepared around the decking, and aco drainage was fitted and linked to an existing gully which was situated below. The customer chose the Old English Cobble pattern in Dove Grey colour, so that it matched the existing cobble road outside of the property. Once the Pattern Imprinted Concrete was installed the decking area was finished, incorporating steps and a balustrade around the perimeter.

    Behind the decking was an existing wall, which comprised of a number of different old and new brick and looked peculiar. To improve this aesthetically, a timber planter made from deck boards to match the decking was constructed, and added another dimension to an already astonishing transformation.

    You can see more photos in our case study of the project here

    Extend your garden room to the patio

    Looking to extend your garden room to your patio? With pattern imprinted Concrete, you can.

    The Family Dog

    One of our happy customers enjoying their pattern imprinted concrete patio!

    Decorative concrete is one of the best ways to add a high design aesthetic to your outdoor space. Using the same techniques for pattern imprinted concrete driveways, you can have the same flooring put down between your garden room and patio, to extend the available floor space.

    Pattern imprinted concrete uses stamping moulds and colours to create remarkable designs. Inks are added to the in-situ concrete, and combine with colour surface hardeners, commercial release agents and specialist acrylic sealers to create custom shades. 3D texturing tools are then used to create creative designs, to your specification and preferences.

    The nature of pattern imprinted concrete is such that many effects can be re-created – to give the appearance of granite, flags, slate or cobbles for example. The finished effect is limited only by imagination and the skill of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation team. (At CD Designs, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re part of the Guild of Master Craftsmen – the ultimate marque of quality!)

    Speak to us about using pattern imprinted concrete flooring in your conservatory and patio to create a seamless look and spacious feel. Modern concrete finishes are hugely popular with interior designers, and our decorative concrete patios last for at least 20 years if they are well cared for, meaning that they are beautiful, functional, hard-wearing – and a great long-term investment.

    Top 5 Patio Games

    One of the many reasons that families invest in pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios, is to maximise their usable outdoor space and give the kids more room to play.

    Our top patio game - Giant Jenga!

    Our top patio game - Giant Jenga!

    Patio games are a great way to enjoy time together outdoors, so we’ve pulled together our list of top five favourites.

    1. Giant Jenga! Using large blocks, ‘children’ of all ages can have fun recreating this classic game on large scale. The game’s tower can be built up to 5 feet high and it’s ideal for parties or BBQs. Either buy an outdoor set, or craft your own!

    2. The archetypal bizarre British classic, outdoor Twister offers hours of twisting fun for up to 40 people! ‘Get Knotted’ is based on the original game and is 3m x 3m in size – ideal for a large party after a few rounds of punch!

    3. Perfect for smaller children, giant Snakes and Ladders is great fun for the family – including a giant inflatable dice that you toss in the air.

    4. A favourite with pub beer gardens, Big 4 Connect 4 is always a best seller, and also perfect for smaller spaces, thanks to its vertical build.

    5. Finally, an old classic re-mastered for the outdoors – chess is perfect for getting grandparents involved in family fames, and teaching kids this ancient game of strategy whilst enjoying the sunshine.

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