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    Extend your garden room to the patio

    Looking to extend your garden room to your patio? With pattern imprinted Concrete, you can.

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    One of our happy customers enjoying their pattern imprinted concrete patio!

    Decorative concrete is one of the best ways to add a high design aesthetic to your outdoor space. Using the same techniques for pattern imprinted concrete driveways, you can have the same flooring put down between your garden room and patio, to extend the available floor space.

    Pattern imprinted concrete uses stamping moulds and colours to create remarkable designs. Inks are added to the in-situ concrete, and combine with colour surface hardeners, commercial release agents and specialist acrylic sealers to create custom shades. 3D texturing tools are then used to create creative designs, to your specification and preferences.

    The nature of pattern imprinted concrete is such that many effects can be re-created – to give the appearance of granite, flags, slate or cobbles for example. The finished effect is limited only by imagination and the skill of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation team. (At CD Designs, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re part of the Guild of Master Craftsmen – the ultimate marque of quality!)

    Speak to us about using pattern imprinted concrete flooring in your conservatory and patio to create a seamless look and spacious feel. Modern concrete finishes are hugely popular with interior designers, and our decorative concrete patios last for at least 20 years if they are well cared for, meaning that they are beautiful, functional, hard-wearing – and a great long-term investment.

    George and the Dragon

    You may consider that Pattern Imprinted Concrete is only used for the likes of driveways, patios or paths. So if we said to you, “Imagine a pattern imprinted concrete playground”, you may think we were crazy. Well at Complete Driveway Designs the only thing that we are crazy about is being committed to great service and workmanship. And with regard to the pattern imprinted concrete playground, we don’t need to imagine, because we have created one.

    In August 2011, we were asked to undertake one our most exiting projects to date. We were approached by Seddon (G&J Seddon Ltd) to create a dragon style playground at St. George’s Primary School, Barrow-In-Furness.

    The playground is in the shape of a dragon with its body and tail wrapping around the playground, which was the easy part. The path leading to the playground which incorporates the dragon’s footprints was the hard part, especially trying to get the dragon to walk in a straight line.

    All the hard work and effort was more than worth it, and the pupils of the school were overwhelmed with their new playground. Head teacher Mrs Kent said: “It’s a privilege to watch them mesmerized by the view. One pupil said “It’s like something from a holiday brochure”, it adds another dimension.”

    These pictures show the final results: -

    Aplomb and Falt: hit the lights, concrete style!

    After finishing your latest pattern imprinted concrete masterpiece, a great way to really make your design shine and speak volumes is to find some complementary lighting designs to go along with it. And what better lights to brighten up a pattern imprinted concrete design than … concrete lights?

    For a start, we’d like to introduce you to the beautiful Aplomb range by Foscarini. These gentle, slender shapes are bound to add a delightful, subtle touch to any domestic space, and work well in multiples. They are available in three different finishes — traditional raw concrete grey, a gentle hue of white, and a more intense brown.

    The Falt series by Tim Mackerodt – on the other hand – presents a much harsher, more industrial kind of look, with its rough edges and almost science fiction type feel. These lamps are however no less impressive, their striking look created using an innovative new process that involves special fibre-reinforced concrete. A lot of time is spent rolling it out and manually folding it on flexible moulds. These thin walled structures and surfaces cannot be created using conventional concrete casting methods.

    CD Designs are Master Craftsmen!

    CD Designs join the coveted Guild of Master Craftsmen

    CD Designs join the coveted Guild of Master Craftsmen

    Hey there concrete fans! This month the CD Designs office is in the throws of a big party. We’ve got the bubbly and streamers out to celebrate the fact that we’ve been accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen! This is a real badge of honour for us, as it recognises the quality of our work, and the dedication we have to perfecting our craft, moving the quality of pattern imprinted concrete forwards and upwards. The Guild is the UK’s leading trade association, and lists its members in a database of reputable tradespeople found at

    For getting this prestigious award, we have a major group of people to give thanks to — our loyal customers. Getting there hasn’t been easy — each applicant to the Guild is taken through a thorough checking procedure, whereby the Guild council of management requests confidential references from satisfied customers, and asks them the question — “would you be happy to recommend the applicant to a relative or close friend.” The references are considered, while the Guild checks to make sure other criteria are met. Only then can membership be assured.

    So thank you, to all our customers! We owe it all to you.

    Stamped Concrete Patterns for a Driveway or Patio: The Options

    The Family Dog

    Stamped, or Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    At CD Designs, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a top quality professional service at all stages of every project we do, including planning, design and implementation. When considering the design of your pattern imprinted driveway or patio, you should think hard about the stamped concrete pattern you want to use. There are a whole multitude to choose from, and they can give a wide variety of looks that are nearly indistinguishable from real slabs, bricks or tiles.

    You can see our full range of concrete patterns while reading this article, open up that page so you can browse the gallery and see what the patterns we discuss look like. View our full range of pattern imprinted concrete colours.

    Cobble stones can look rustic and charming – consider Country Cobble, European Fan or Old English Cobble for a really rural look, or London Cobble for a more uniform, big town feel. For colours, you could go for something traditional like Russett for an authentic look, or something a bit more outlandish like Platt Silver.

    Our slate designs are also very popular, and give a striking look. What about Walkway Slate, La Habra Slate or Grand Ashar Slate, for a slightly different look and feel? Many different colours work well with slate, for example Slate Blue or Slate Green if you want something darker, and Arizona Tan or Steadman Buff if you want a lighter, brighter effect.

    But that’s not all. You might want something a bit less uniform, or a slightly more unusual pattern. Why not consider Herringbone Brick, or Random Stone?

    If you want help choosing a pattern and colour combination, please get in touch!

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