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    Pimp Your Driveway

    You may or may not be aware of the popular MTV series Pimp My Ride. It’s a simple but entertaining concept; people with run-down, clapped-out cars have them taken away and upgraded with all manner of Hi-Tech gadgetry, personalised accessories, and (usually) an outrageous paint job. The lucky tyke then gets their “ride” back again; cue much excited shrieking.

    While the add-ons that get bolted to the cars on Pimp my Ride are impressive, they’re also frequently ridiculous. LCD TVs, DVD players and electric fireplaces have all been installed, along with many other items. One lucky participant, an avid surfer, even ended up with a clothes dryer in the back of his VW van.

    There’s one very important question that needs to be asked. It isn’t “An electric fireplace in a car? When did the world go mad?” It is: If a show called Pimp my Driveway existed, what exactly would people end up with?

    Well, of course, the material of choice for your pimped-out driveway would have to be pattern imprinted concrete. Its ease of installation, and the fact that it can be laid in fields matching whatever dimensions are necessary, make it the only real option. Combine that with the variety of patterns and colours available and you’ve got the first part of your dream-drive sorted. You’ll want fencing and gating as well, to stop people trespassing on your pimped property.

    After the sensible stuff comes the outlandish. A huge TV screen is a must; it doesn’t matter that it’s outside and you’d have to stand in the street to watch it- in fact, it doesn’t even need to be in a visible position. How about using it as a front-door step? Fancy having a water feature installed? Water’s passé, you need a champagne fountain. Enjoy ten-pin bowling? There’s no law that says you can’t have a bowling lane running down one side of your drive…

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