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    Private Roads

    The Complete Driveway Designs team can turn our hands to a number of different projects. That’s because of our experience in installing hard surfaces, and our skills when it comes to pattern imprinted concrete. So; our installation abilities don’t stop at imprinted concrete driveways and patios, although we do them very well.

    Let’s take private roads as an example. There a surprisingly large amount of properties around the North West, and further afield, which have private road access. And because private roads are just that – private – their upkeep and integrity can sometimes require attention. Obviously, living off a private road can cause some headaches, and you should understand who has what amount of responsibility over your road.

    Pattern imprinted concrete is the surfacing option of choice when you’ve got to please a number of residents. It’s also ideal for driveways or stretches of road attached to single households. With the CD Designs team, you get a complete service, from design to site-specific advice on maintenance, and all at the highest possible standards and with the minimum of fuss. A private road surfaced with pattern imprinted concrete will last for years, and will look good for years as well.

    Take a look at some of our available patterns and colours, and have a peek at our case studies for examples of finished pattern imprinted concrete in situ.

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