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    Driveways, Sure. But Concrete Pyramids?

    On this blog we never really stop singing the praises of concrete. And in previous posts we’ve talked a little bit about concrete’s amazing history, which dates back to the ancient Romans.

    Now here’s another example of historical use of concrete. It turns out that the great pyramids of Egypt were built, at least in part, out of concrete. For centuries people have wondered at the scale of the pyramids, and, assuming that each block had been manually placed, agreed that it was a feat of manpower (or should that be slavepower?) as much as a feat of design.

    The construction of the pyramids was, of course, a massive task. But scientific research conducted in 2006 seems to have proved pretty conclusively that it wasn’t accomplished through back breaking labour alone. There was some advanced architectural engineering going on as well.

    Professor Giles Hug, a French scientist, has theorised that the Egyptians used lime-based concrete to manufacture shaped concrete blocks. These blocks were used on the higher levels of the Pyramids. After all, transporting massive stone blocks by hand is hard enough, let alone doing it on a steep incline.

    Professor Hug states that close chemical analysis of a representative sample of the 2 million+ blocks that make up each pyramid shows that, whilst some are natural limestone, others are made from lime-based concrete. The lime-based concrete blocks don’t have the same crystalline structure as natural limestone, because of the much faster solidification process in concrete as opposed to molten rock.

    The Egyptians combined traditional labour techniques with some cutting edge concrete, and achieved striking results; here at CD Designs we know that that’s the best way to go. And while we can’t promise that your pattern imprinted concrete driveway will last for millennia, we can promise that it’ll last a lot longer than other, less attractive surfaces.

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