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    Renting Out Your Driveway

    In the modern world, space is at a premium. Personal space, space to think, space to breathe. And, for the increasing amount of workers who commute to their jobs, space in which to park their cars.

    For home-owners who have enough driveway space, renting it out to a commuter can provide a surprisingly large extra income. In over-crowded London a home owner could receive £2,500+ per year by renting out a car-sized section of their property.

    That’s not to say that income-conscious driveway owners in other areas will receive a pittance; parking spaces in Preston in the North-West of the UK, for example, are currently being advertised for private rental at around £25 per week.

    Amongst the numerous obvious benefits of purchasing a concrete driveway (practicality, durability, wide variety of choice in terms of its appearance, an increase in the value of your home… the list goes on), private parking-space rental offers a direct way of earning from your purchase; it’s the icing on the cake.

    There are a number of UK based websites that have sprung up in recent years in order to capitalise on this new trend. Signing up to them is simple, and they offer an easy way to advertise your space to those who are looking for somewhere to stow their automobile while they work. They can also inform you of the current asking price of parking-rental in your area, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the amounts people are willing to pay for a slice of your drive.

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