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    What Does Santa Prefer To Park His Sled On?

    Santa must be an excellent driver; although we’ve no way of knowing how often he gets out-and-about in his sled for the other 364 days of each year, the round trip he pulls off on Christmas eve is pretty impressive. And he does it all without breaking the speed limit.

    He must be able to turn his sled on a five-pence, and parallel park like an absolute demon. Whether he’s finding somewhere to leave it in the centre of Edinburgh, or gently tucking it in-between two tractors on a farm in Devon, he never bumps or shunts another vehicle, and always manages not to reverse it into lampposts. Considering his age, and the amount of stress he must be under, it’s a doubly magical event.

    And it’s not like he’s trundling around in a Volvo. He’s got Reindeer to deal with, and they’re stubborn and more than a little bit stupid. He must have to be on constant watch to make sure that they don’t nibble people’s hedges down to ground level, or leave any “unwanted presents” on their front lawns. Prancer, Dancer, Donner, Blitzen and…um… the other ones… would be enough to give us mere mortals a severe case of the screaming ab-dabs.

    But not Santa. Still, as good as he is at remaining calm and in control, it must make him feel just that little bit better every time he finds a nice, simple, Reindeer-proof place to park. Tarmacadam could get scuffed by the runners on his sled; pea-gravel is just the right size to get stuck in a Reindeer’s hoof, and a Reindeer with a sore foot means the rest of the night will be anything but easy. A concrete driveway, however… well, that might just make the old man’s year.

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