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    Shared Driveways Still Causing Problems

    Some properties share parking areas with another home; this is unavoidable. And driveway sharing can cause friction between neighbours. The issues that could cause arguments can be split into two broad groups: the way a driveway is used, and the upkeep of the shared area.

    There’s not much we can tell you about using your shared driveway that you won’t already know. Assuming you’re a reasonable person, we’re sure you won’t take advantage of the situation. If your neighbour doesn’t respect the balancing act necessary when you’re sharing a communal area, polite communication should sort the problem out in most cases. If it escalates, there are a number of routes open to you.

    When it comes to upkeep, however, we can help you. Repair and resurfacing costs will usually be split equally between the households which access the drive. So, when you’re looking to resurface a shared driveway, you want a solution that’s value for money and that will keep everyone happy.

    Pattern imprinted concrete is the way to go. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway looks impressive and while last for a long time. Investing in surfacing your shared driveway with pattern imprinted concrete should keep all parties happy; we doubt even the most awkward of neighbours will have a problem with the finished product. Not sure? Show them our case studies, and see if that doesn’t convince them.

    Shared Driveways

    Sharing your driveway with a neighbour can sometimes be a difficult prospect. It requires both of you to be considerate in the way in which you park your vehicles, and to respect each other’s boundaries – both in the personal and legal sense. Happily, most people come to an amicable agreement and completely avoid rubbing each other up the wrong way.

    But problems can arise if and when the driveway needs to be up-dated. Shared driveways need to be tidy and well maintained – it’s the easiest way to avoid friction. Neighbours who share a drive might find themselves stuck at an impasse when considering resurfacing their drive, especially if they’ve got differing ideas. And, of course, cost is a factor.

    CD Designs are confident that we can provide a driveway that’ll match both of your specifications. Pattern imprinted concrete drives offer a massive amount of flexibility in design. And they’re quickly installed as well, meaning the minimum of disruption to all concerned. Our more-than-reasonable prices mean that, with a little bit of planning, you should be able to come up with a solution that pleases everyone, at a price that pleases everyone as well.

    If there’s no way you’ll ever agree on one pattern and colour combination, you could even have a driveway installed which is designed to clearly mark the property boundaries or the dividing line between car-spaces. This would be easily achievable using two differing imprinted patterns, or two separate colours of concrete.

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