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    That Sinking Feeling

    During the design stage of a project, we talk to our customers about their needs, and about specific problems they’re having with their current driveway. And then we deal with those problems. That’s why our customers are happy for us to use photographs of their properties in our case studies – we do what they need, and we do it really well.

    A common problem with other surfacing materials – and with driveways installed by dodgy contractors – is significant sinking. When sections of your driveway begin to sink it can cause all manner of problems. Rain water will pool, and sunken areas in your driveway can be significant trip-hazards. If your driveway starts sinking, it’s better to deal with sooner rather than later.

    If you take a look at our case studies, you’ll be able to view a few specific cases in which driveway sinkage was an important issue for the customers involved. There’s the pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation we did at Greenmount, for example. Then over in Blackburn there’s the Eden Park job. And let’s not forget the Little Lever installation.

    As you can see, it’s a common problem. Our pattern imprinted concrete driveways should remain level and true from the day they’re installed; the right amount sub-base and a skilled installation should deal with any potential problems.

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