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    Pavement Lights & Smoke Outlet Panels

    Basements and cellars are fantastic places; as well as a generous amount of storage space, they can also give you an extra room or two, if you’re serious about making the most out of them. But for all their benefits, there’s a drawback: the lack of natural light.

    If you’ve got a basement or cellar that extends further than the footprint of the ground floor of your property, there’s a solution to this problem.  Pavement lights – grids of glass squares in iron or concrete frames – are a reasonably common sight on some of the UK’s streets, and they’re designed to allow natural light into underground spaces.

    The frames were traditionally made of iron, but modern pavement light frames are made from concrete. Concrete’s strength makes pavement lights safer than ever, and reinforced pavement lights are available for areas which will experience heavy traffic. This makes pavement lights ideal for both commercial and domestic customers.

    Pavement lights can be installed along with smoke outlet panels in order to increase the available ventilation to the underground space beneath in case of a fire. Smoke outlets can be overlaid with a surface that matches the area surrounding them.

    Because of the nature of the pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation process, pavement lights and smoke outlet panels could easily be installed simultaneously with your driveway. It’s a chance to solve two problems at once; resurfacing your driveway area, and dealing with the perennial problem of lighting cellars and basements.

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