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    All-Weather Landscaping

    In March we braved the snowy Manchester weather to install this landscaped lawn in Bowdon. The area was first dug out using a micro-digger and a dumpy level was used to make sure the ground was flat. Topsoil was added before the strips of turf were carefully laid down to leave a beautiful large stretch of lawn.

    As you can see from the video (available on our Youtube channel and our Facebook page), we really do work in all types of weather conditions, so although we need nice weather to install pattern imprinted concrete, we can carry out lots other work like this landscaping job, building walls and decking, erecting fencing and security bollards, installing non-concrete driveways like Indian stone or block paving, or just preparing an area ready for concrete, until the weather gets better.

    Now that the weather is (finally) looking a bit nicer, we can start to plan our summer schedule, and we will be installing lots of pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios throughout. If you would like a quote for this or any other work then please call 01706 827180 or click here to send us a request.

    Getting Ready For Snow

    Well, if last winter taught us anything, it’s that a bit of snow can really cause some big problems. There was some pretty serious disruption last year. Don’t get us wrong, snow is nice for a little while… about as long as it takes for your local council to run out of grit for the roads.

    Snow and ice can make some surfaces treacherous to walk on. That’s why clearing snow and ice off driveways is such an important task in countries where it really, really snows. Hence the famous American snow-shovel.

    If you’ve made the sensible choice of investing some of your home improvement budget in having a pattern imprinted concrete driveway installed, there are a few things you should be aware of.

    Because your pattern imprinted concrete is protected by a coat of sealant, it shouldn’t be adversely affected by ice. However, if you’re going to attempt to scrape and shovel ice and snow off your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you may risk scratching away this sealant, so it pays to be gentle. Also, we’d recommend that you take care when it comes to chemical de-icing products. These shouldn’t be left in contact with any surface for an extended period of time, and sometimes aren’t too good for your lawn and any flowers you might have around the driveway area.

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