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    Vital Services, Manchester

    Here’s an example of one of the projects that we’ve completed for a commercial customer instead of a domestic customer. Vital Services contacted us because they needed a walkway to be installed into a cobbled street.

    They liked the cobbles, but had some concerns about how uneven the surface was. Obviously, an employer can’t afford to takes risks with the safety of their employees. So, the client required a durable level surface which was visually attractive and represented excellent value of money. And, of course, they wanted the best contractors they could get.

    Vital Services Manchester

    …Which is where we come in. Pattern imprinted concrete is the ideal solution for this kind of surfacing problem. It provides a surface which is tough and reliable, and also easy on the eye. Pattern imprinted concrete also allows you to pick a pattern and colour combination which complements the rest of your property. This is why it’s such a popular choice, both for driveways and commercial surfacing projects.

    As with all of our domestic projects, the installation was completed quickly and without any corners being cut. We understand that the front of a business premises, like someone’s front drive, needs to look good. There’s no point using a material like pattern imprinted concrete if you’re going to compromise the finish with a shoddy installation

    Vital Services Manchester

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