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    Envirothaw is a new product that offers an alternative to traditional de-icers like rock salt and anti-freeze. It is also a lot less corrosive than salt and can be used on pattern imprinted concrete without any problems. It claims to work in temperatures down to -55 degrees celcius, where rock salt is useless as saltwater re-freezes at around -18 degrees. It comes in liquid and granular forms, and is non-toxic to children, pets and vegitation.

    It can be used in many commercial and non-commercial areas, including roads and motorways, pavements and walkways, driveways and patios, and service stations and forecourts. It is fast acting, and can continue to work for up to 48 hours after application. A standard 4kg tub covers around 45 square meters, which is about the size of the average driveway.

    The product appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den in November last year, and although they were impressed by the product and Theo Paphitis offered more than the amount the owner wanted, he also wanted 50% of the business which the owner did not agree to, and no deal was struck.

    How much ice do you need…before you call in an ice breaker?

    We’ve already talked in previous concrete driveway blogs about methods you can employ to de-ice your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio. These are easily manageable for a small residential setting. But think about what it would be like if you had to keep a whole road system de-iced and operational?

    For example, a twenty mile section of the M8 Motorway in Scotland was completely frozen under compacted snow and ice last winter, leaving hundreds of motorists stranded. This kind of problem becomes more commonplace in the UK each year, with increased numbers of cars on the roads, and harsh winters to contend with.

    The two maintenance firms that deal with the majority of Scotland’s roads, Amey and BEAR Scotland, have stockpiled a total of 52,000 tonnes of salt and other de-icing material to ready themselves for this year’s winter. So you know if you leave your pattern imprinted concrete driveway this winter and head out on to the roads of Scotland the agencies should have you covered.

    And it doesn’t stop there — a gargantuan icebreaker machine has been been shipped over from Scandinavia to join the hundreds of snow ploughs, gritters and other vehicles that will wage war on Scotland’s ice problem this winter. We’ll be rooting for them!

    Review of the summer

    This summer has seen us unfold an interesting set of events, oddities and news items: never a dull moment in the world of concrete! Here we’d like to  share with you our favourites, looking at the highlights we’ve reported on in the last few months.

    • The coolest driveway in the world: a new contender? We love concrete driveways, and we love fast cars. What better way to combine the two than by having a concrete driveway that doubles as a racetrack? New Zealand Rally champ Rod Millen has done just that.
    • Concrete Speakers: Can Concrete Be Music To Our Ears? We love the very idea of combining the stark industrial look of concrete with high fidelity audio entertainment.
    • Green Concrete – The Future Five Years Down The Line? We are very passionate about environmentalism at CD Designs, and inspired by the idea of greener concrete.
    • Incredible Concrete Art – The Bohouse Cafe Floors In Dubai. Possibly the coolest pattern imprinted concrete design work you’ll ever see!
    • Win The Winter War, With Your Friendly Neighbourhood Robot Snow Shovel. this gadget brought out the inner Wallace and Gromit in all of us!
    • The SOFT Rocker: Making Some Noise on The Space Age Patio! This futuristic patio chair, developed at MIT, is a must have for the futurist’s patio of tomorrow (would that just be “today”, for the rest of us?).
    • A Set Of Concrete Tunes From The Pet Shop Boys: Take That! Loving the fact that concrete can even inspire an album of popular music.

    Don’t Leave Your Car Running

    Driveways aren’t often the scene of crimes, but we’ve heard news of an increasing amount of opportunistic car thefts. You may well have seen it in the local of national news. It seems that people are leaving their cars running unattended in the mornings, as part of that traditional winter process of trying to get into your car, and then make it safe to drive. De-icing your car is frustrating, but imagine how much more frustrating it’d be if, as soon as you’d got all the ice off, someone came along and drove off in it. So, we’d suggest that you remain vigilant in the morning, and never leave you car unattended if the keys are in it, even if it is on your own driveway.

    Cold, frosty nights make for frozen up cars. This can add precious minutes to your morning routine. And, of course, it means standing around in the freezing cold trying to de-ice your windscreen and un-stick the doors of your car. It’s no fun.

    Consider installing gates and fences for added home security; that’s peace of mind, as well as another value-boosting addition to your property. We can install both gates and fences along with pattern imprinted concrete driveways. We can either do this at the same time as we install your pattern imprinted concrete drive, or after the fact, adding fences and gates to a pattern imprinted concrete driveway previously provided by us or by any other contractor.

    Struggling to keep your driveway ice-free during winter? Look into de-icing methods that won’t damage your car or your pattern imprinted concrete driveway; consider laying sand to make the walk to your car a little easier (it adds grip). And a kettle full of not-quite-boiling water can do wonders for frozen up cars.

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