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    Interior Pattern Imprinted Concrete Floors – How To Fake It Yourself!

    We’re sure that most of you, if presented with the idea of doing a pattern imprinted concrete job yourself, would probably sigh and hand the job over to a professional that really knows what they’re doing. Fortunately however, there are some fake pattern imprinted concrete effects that are within the grasp of anyone with a reasonable (or even rudimentary) DIY ability.

    DIY Wood Pattern on your Concrete Floor

    DIY Wood Pattern on your Concrete Floor

    To give an interior floor a unique, great-looking faux-wood finish, you could consider the following technique that we picked up recently. First of all, you need an existing, clean, dry concrete floor. A bit of roughness and unevenness actually works to your advantage in this case, so don’t worry too much about uniformity. You also need a wood graining tool and a paint brush.

    Get a base colour that you like and paint it on the concrete in similarly-sized strips to floorboards. Then texture it with an opposing colour. For example, if your base colour is black, then you could use a light colour such as white or light brown to add some texture and lightness to your “floorboards”. Add it to the newly painted base colour, and keep playing until you get the effect you want, eg old floorboards, or newer, sanded ones.

    Next up, get the wood graining tool and drag it through the newly-wet paint texture, rocking it back and forth to give knot effects. Make sure that for each “floorboard”, you keep inside the boundaries so the effect is maintained. With a little work, this should give you a great effect! View the finished project.


    Concrete Imprinted With Wood Patterns

    Decking is becoming an increasingly regular sight in peoples’ gardens. We can install traditional wooden decking as part of our services. A lot of our customers like to combine wooden decking with a pattern imprinted concrete patio. This creates a two-level area that’s perfect for BBQs and garden parties.

    We’re fans of wooden decking, and we think it’s a really good addition to most back garden projects. However, for those who are interested in the look of decking but would prefer to stick with one material, there is an answer.

    You see, the patterns we can imprint into concrete aren’t limited to classic stone surfacing patterns like Ashlar Slate and Herringbone Brick. We can also imprint concrete to look like wood. The combination or pattern and colour means that you can have an area of concrete which looks like decking, but has the unique properties of concrete.

    Pattern imprinted concrete will age differently to wooden decking, but well installed decking should last for a long time. It’s a matter of taste really, and may also depend on the specifications of the job. It’s something you should discuss with your contractor. If you’re interested in discussing this or any other pattern imprinted concrete ideas, remember that we offer free, no obligation quotes, and are easy to contact.

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