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    Case Study – Tanners Street

    View of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete from the newly installed decking

    View of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete from the newly installed decking

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete installed at Tanners Street, Ramsbottom in June 2012, the aim of this project was to provide a driveway and incorporate an outdoor living space.

    Firstly the job area was excavated and the frame of the decking was erected. The Pattern Imprinted Concrete area was then prepared around the decking, and aco drainage was fitted and linked to an existing gully which was situated below. The customer chose the Old English Cobble pattern in Dove Grey colour, so that it matched the existing cobble road outside of the property. Once the Pattern Imprinted Concrete was installed the decking area was finished, incorporating steps and a balustrade around the perimeter.

    Behind the decking was an existing wall, which comprised of a number of different old and new brick and looked peculiar. To improve this aesthetically, a timber planter made from deck boards to match the decking was constructed, and added another dimension to an already astonishing transformation.

    You can see more photos in our case study of the project here

    Case Study – Lock Keepers Court

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    In May we did a series of installations at Lock Keepers Court in Droylsden. The customers were all members of the same family, and so we gave them a big discount for work on three separate addresses. We have case studies on this website for two of these.

    The first installation was a patio and lawn, for which you can see the case study here. The flags on the patio had started to develop weeds around them, and looked very untidy as a consequence. It was hard work for the customer to maintain the garden, so we gave them three design options, all varying in shape, idea and price range. With these ideas the customer was able to choose an option that suited both their design aspirations and budget. It was advised that platinum silver would be the most effective colour as it would match the window frames, and walkway slate the best pattern so as to match the contemporary feel of the property. The customer also wanted something unique, and so chose to have a compass printed centrally in the patio, which was then carefully stained along with the borders. A section of the garden was then re-turfed completing the new look.

    The second installation was for a patio and decking, for which you can see the case study here. The customer decided that she wanted a predominantly decked area with the incorporation of a shallow step and a 10 metre squared area of pattern imprinted concrete at the foot of the patio. It was advised that Arizona tan would be the most effective colour as it would match the decking area, and a random stone pattern was chosen as part of the project to contrast the straight lines of the decking and to add another dimension to the patio design.

    Creating A Functional Patio Area

    A good patio area will be functional, versatile, and effectively add extra living space to a home.

    If you’re starting from scratch, think about the ground cover. Decking is popular, but can be slippery in wet weather, and require weeding and mending if not installed properly. Concrete can be used creatively to create a hardwearing surface – pick an unusual pattern-imprinted concrete patio, and ask about the range of shades available, so you can create an overall colour scheme.

    Look at sectioning off a patio with raised beds, and create walkways from the home to garden for a large area. Raised areas add interest, and can be ideal for separating children’s play areas with food and entertaining areas.

    Look at making use of garden features. Overhangs and awnings are useful for shade, and nearby trees can be used for hanging bird feeders, wind chimes and lanterns. Train creepers and flowering vines up trellises and walls to create beautiful Summer displays – ideally plants which attract butterflies for glorious Summer time relaxation and observation.

    Use plants creatively – mix pots and raised beds with an array of seasonal plants of different heights, colours and overall looks – delicate fronds teamed with bold blooms and exotic leafed shrubs for lots of diversity and interest. Create a small area near the children’s section where they can grow their own nasturtiums, herbs, pansies and other ‘starter’ plants. Sunflowers in pots are also children’s classics and will encourage them outdoors.

    Look too at sectioning off a BBQ area for the family to enjoy outdoor eating, and leave plenty of space for loungers and chairs – ideally under a shady spot, or with space for a parasol. One of the main benefits of having a pattern-imprinted concrete patio is the opportunity to enjoy food with the family al-fresco – British Summertime permitting of course!

    Countdown to an imprinted concrete summer

    It might be a little premature but we’ve been thinking about summertime, and more importantly what furniture will look great on our pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios as we sit outside lapping up the sunshine.

    Rather than the usual offerings we’ve stumbled across some lovely designer furniture and found a particular range of steel outdoor furniture called the Legend Cafe Collection. The colours are fantastic; we particularly like the pillar box red and the striking orange and the unique retro style is made with an industrious slant but wouldn’t look out of place in a stylish Italian coffee shop. The chairs are versatile and come in either high-backed cafe style or a wider armchair style. The steel designer furniture can withstand the elements with ease, making them ideal for use on the patio but they can even double as dining room chairs if you’re looking for something completely striking and individual indoors too.

    The chairs and stools are selling out fast after featuring in a variety of style magazines and, although there’s no table to complement the chairs, we think pairing them with an old wooden table and maybe even mismatching a few of the different colours will ensure that your pattern imprinted concrete driveway stands out from the neighbours this summer.

    Brick And Stone Walls.

    At CD Designs we don’t just install pattern imprinted concrete driveways. We offer a number of other services, all of which can be combined to meet your needs. Whether it’s a driveway installation or a variety of different construction and installation tasks as part of a major re-landscaping, we’re the people for the job.

    We can install patios, decking, fencing and gating, and our pattern imprinted concrete driveway projects will include the installation of all necessary driveway accessories like drainage and steps. And now we’re also happy to draw your attention to another one of our services; building brick and stone walls.

    Wall building is one of those traditional construction tasks that there’s always a need for. Our ability to build both brick and stone walls means that we can realise split level designs with the same professional care and attention with which we install pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

    The Heaton Park case study is an example of the scope of the services we offer. A complete re-design, the project involved a pattern imprinted driveway, a patio, steps and, of course, the erection of some sturdy walls. All aspects of the project were complimentary, and all aspects were completed to our usual high standards. And the entire job was finished within 3 weeks, in order to meet the customer’s ideal finish date; his wife’s birthday.

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