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    Rumours Of Work Parking Tax?

    There have been some rumours recently concerning possible plan to introduce a workplace parking tax. According to news reports, it’s a council-level scheme to reduce congestion as well as raise funds. If the schemes are launched (one has already started in Nottingham) employers will be taxed £250 per employee parking space if they have more than 11 already. More information is available here.

    The Local Government Association is playing down reports of the scheme – read the article linked to above for more information. While we’re not trying to play on people’s fears, workplace parking can be an issue. A lot of people use public transport for their commute, and, provided you can access your workplace by public transport, it can pay off in terms of costs. And it’s environmentally friendly, which is no bad thing.

    If you are going to leave your car at home, you want to be able to park it on a solid surface which looks as good as the rest of your property. That’s where a Complete Driveway Designs pattern imprinted concrete driveway comes in handy. Installed to the highest possible standards and available in any combination of available pattern and colour, our pattern imprinted concrete driveways are excellent value for money.

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