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    Seen A Driveway You Like On Google Street View?

    Every so often, computer software and application programmers come up with something jaw-dropping. Google, not people to be content with just creating a search engine that revolutionised the way we find information, have gone on to bring us Street View.

    Street View is part of Google’s mapping service. Whilst before their maps looked like, well, maps (interactive, detailed, scrollable, printable maps), now you can actually see photographic representations of the majority of streets in various cities and towns across the UK. The photographs were captured using special camera-vehicles; you may in fact have seen them while they were in the process of taking the images.

    While most people seem to have eagerly embraced Street View – and it can definitely make working out the directions to your destination much easier – for others it’s a worrying step towards a loss of privacy. Google have taken various steps to ensure that privacy is protected; click here for more information on the debate and Google’s privacy protection measures.

    As well as helping those of us who struggle finding a place without having seen what it looks like, Google does allow us to get a glimpse of places we have never, and might never, visit. And one of its further benefits is the fact that it makes scouting for inspiration for your home improvements easier than ever. You can get a real sense of how possible designs and layouts work in real life, all online.

    You can use Street View to check out what people have had installed in areas like yours, or even just down the road if the camera-vehicles have paid a visit to your neighbourhood. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, and nothing in the UK is tickling your fancy, why not have a look at what our friends over in the USA are up to?

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