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    This project consisted of three phases of work, decking and fencing at the rear of the property, and pattern imprinted concrete on the front driveway. To start with the old fenc..more

    The Padiham project was installed in September of this year. We installed Pattern Imprinted Concrete to the rear of the property. Originally a small space, this back yard was trans..more

    This project was installed in early September of this year. The customer wanted a transformation of both the back and the front of their property, with a new pattern imprinted driv..more

    The Bowdon project was installed in March of this year. We originally posted a time-lapse video of the landscaping that we did, and whilst we were there we also installed pattern i..more

    This particular customer approached a former customer for our details after being impressed by our work, which you can see here. The customer wanted a transformation of both the ba..more

    The Holywell project took place in an extremely rural part of North Wales. The customer wanted a transformation of both the back and the front of their property with a new pattern ..more

    This customer was drawn to our company from us being part of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. The customer wanted a transformation of the front of their property, with the space bei..more

    Due to the volume of traffic that was expected on the site, our specifications were as with previous drive-thru's changed slightly from our usual driveways, with 7 inches of c..more

    First the existing driveway was broken up and dug out. Next a trench was dug on the left hand side of the drive for the new drainage system. Pipework was laid in this trench, which..more

    Installed in November, this particular customer asked for our details from a former customer of ours after being impressed by our work. They wanted a transformation to both the bac..more

    Due to the volume of traffic that was expected on the site our specifications were changed slightly from our usual driveways, with 6 inches of concrete and steel reinforcement mesh..more

    This tarmac driveway was found to be lackluster by the owners of the property. They wanted something that was more aesthetically pleasing but didn't want pattern imprinted con..more

    This half-flagged, half-concrete driveway and patio had over time become susceptible to weed growth and was very much overgrown. The flags and concrete were primarily removed and t..more

    The blocks were primarily removed and the perimeter was shuttered allowing us to gage our levels and grade off. New deco drainage systems were fitted around the front and gable end..more

    The Grand Ashlar effect does not look out of place on this vast and stylish driveway, with the wide textured borders providing a definitive frame for the pattern itself, it simply ..more

    This charming back street had lost some of its attraction. Its mix of cobble and un-decorative concrete had taken the appeal away from this secluded Dickensian street. New Aco drai..more

    Once the paving stones were removed the driveway was excavated along with part of the front garden. Levels were then set and shuttering timbers were used to form the shape of the d..more

    The customer wanted a planter to be constructed from stone and requested the colour of the stone contrast well with the colour of the pattern imprinted concrete. A lighter grey was..more

    This was the second project in July where we were set a similar task, to provide a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing patio which would incorporate a ramp with level access..more

    Firstly the job area was excavated and the frame of the decking was erected. The Pattern Imprinted Concrete area was then prepared around the decking, and aco drainage was fitted a..more

    This cobbled set driveway was prone to moss growth and flooding, and was not level or even. The customer wanted something that was low maintenance, free of trip hazards and that c..more

    This landscaped patio and raised patio area featured a variety of interesting features. A pond area was formed and brick walls erected to define the pond area and the raised patio ..more

    The KFC restaurant was relocated as part of the large Tesco redevelopment in Walkden. The concrete pattern selected was Walkway Slate in Classic Grey. The pattern imprinted concret..more

    As you can see from the before photos this was a drap and driery patio area with standard 3 x 2 grey flags which are grey and not very attractive. We have brought this patio area ..more

    This Driveway has featured on our website from the start. Installed in 2001, it was one of the first driveways we installed working for ourselves Complete Driveway designs. Mr Derb..more

    This was one of our larger jobs and again the customer was wanting a company to take on all their needs. Not just a driveway was required, the whole front of the property was to be..more

    As you can see from the before photographs Mr Murray had a block paved driveway which did not stand up to the test of time. Although this driveway was only three years old, it had ..more

    Upon visiting Mr Zaldats, it was clear he knew exactly what he wanted, and been messed around by a lot of people in the industry. We tackled the job the same as any other, in a pro..more

    This customer called Complete Driveway Designs as the company that orignanally installed his pattern imprinted contcrete driveway was no longer in business and he wanted to go with..more

    This installation in Greenmount was a fairly big job. With concrete at the rear of the building as well as a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, it came to around 80m2 of pattern ..more

    For this project the customer wanted to secure the premisis with installation of the new driveway.

    Brandlesholme case study from October 2008, a pattern imprinted concrete driveway and matching pattern imprinted concrete path to the house entrance with an attractive diamond Ashl..more

    This project was undertaken in May 2009, the customer wanted to create a well presented drive inorder to compliment the rest of the landscaped garden.

    As this project unfolded we took walls, laying turf and making good flaged area. Once again giving the customer a complete package. Leaving the customer with enough scope to person..more

    Mr and Mrs Martin are very well known to CD Designs as they have started a trend on Benbecular Way, Urmston. They were the first to contact CD Designs via an email through our web..more

    This being the second driveway on Benbecular Close, we were keen on making our first impression last.. As you can see, we had the same high quality intentions as their neighbour..more

    As the customer wanted to keep his garden and parking wasn't an issue in this case, we decided together that a long curvy pathway leading to the front door would complement hi..more

    The driveway in this project was the last piece in the jigsaw to the house renovation. As you can see it complements and finishes the house nicely. Due to the renovation, the house..more

    Newly retired Mr and Mrs Quigley decided to transform their old drive for a brand new pattern imprinted concrete driveway after taking up their new hobby, motorhoming. They were lo..more

    This was a pretty big installation, involving an impressively long driveway as well as the installation of some pattern imprinted concrete paths. All in all it came in at 90m2 of c..more

    This was quite a big job, involving quite a large area of pattern imprinted concrete, approx 72m2. At the end of the job the client had a pattern imprinted concrete driveway to be ..more

    This is a pattern imprinted concrete driveway which we installed in Heywood. It involved a few nice little features, along with our usual high standard of pattern imprinted concret..more

    This was quite a large installation, covering about 80-90m2 of pattern imprinted concrete. It also involved a few additional features, which you’ll see as you click though the ca..more

    The owners of this property had decided they wanted to open up the exterior of the house all the way round from the drive to the recently extended back patio. The homeowners have n..more

    This was another job on Dee Drive in Kearsley. We often find that we get called back to streets that we’ve visited before, because neighbours get interested in the quality of the..more

    This was a nice medium sized installation, with about 50m2 of pattern imprinted concrete driveway to be installed. There were a few nice little elements that will point out as the ..more

    Well, this was a pretty big job; 130m2 of pattern imprinted concrete all in all. We installed two pattern imprinted concrete driveways side-by-side, all as part of one job for one ..more

    Previously the driveway of this house was block paved which looked unclean, uneven and was sinking in places which was a shame attached to a house of this stature. Once we started ..more

    After conversations with the customer it was clear there was an underlying problem with his current driveway. He couldn't fit his cars comfortably on the drive, and when parke..more

    This Bury job wasn’t the smallest that we’ve ever done, clocking in with 55m2 of pattern imprinted concrete at the front of the property and another 65m2 at the back.

    Well, this was a big job! 180m2 of pattern imprinted concrete all together. There were also a number of interesting features that were part of the design. As you’ll be able to se..more

    Patio areas can be so important in the summer months. This patio has been transformed into an area which is 100% usable. It looks great with its feature curves complementing the pa..more

    This driveway has kept its same general size and shape, but with a few cd designs gentle curves to give a more subtle look. The horrible red 3x2 flags have been removed, and we hav..more

    When we first arrived on this driveway nothing existed apart from a patch of overgrown grass used as a parking space. Here we have created a beautiful driveway and pathway which le..more

    The elderly couple in this property wanted a maintenance free solution to their ever needing front garden. They required an area to be both asthetically pleasing and somewhere to h..more

    This was a classic case of a block paved driveway that had sunk everywhere, unfortunately we do not have any pictures from before however here are the completed pictures... The dri..more

    Grasmere, Ashton-Under-Lyne. This was a relatively simple installation; the client didn’t require any of our other services, just a simple pattern imprinted concrete driveway. Oh..more

    We did two installations at this property in Bolton, surfacing both the front and back of the property with pattern imprinted concrete. Rather than hit you with one huge case study..more

    This case study shows the work we performed at the rear of a property on Lynstead Avenue in Bolton. There’s a separate case study detailing the pattern imprinted concrete install..more

    This job was a bit closer to home, in Bury, where our office is and it was slightly more involved than the usual pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation. Along with laying..more

    This is something a bit special. Well, all of our installations are special, but this one’s extra-special. At this property we brought the concrete indoors, and laid an interior ..more

    This was another job in Bury. In fact, it was a return trip to this property for us; we’d previously installed a full pattern imprinted concrete driveway for the owners. Impresse..more

    At this job over in Chadderton we had some pretty cold weather to contend with, as you’ll see later on. But cold as fine, as long as it’s not too wet, so we got on with it. The..more

    Another job around the Chadderton area, a 40m2 pattern imprinted concrete driveway, incorporating rebuilding the driveway pillar at the end of the driveway wall.

    This was quite an involved installation. Although it only covered 55m2, there were a few of those little details that make pattern imprinted concrete driveways really visually appe..more

    CD Design installed a pattern imprinted concrete patio (covering approximately 100m2) 4 years ago. We were asked back to design and install the complete driveway in pattern imprint..more

    Problem: Having had severe weather over the last couple of winters many block paving, tarmac and pattern imprinted concrete driveways have suffered. This particular pattern imprint..more

    Problem: The Water Main underneath the concrete had burst. This meant that the service company were required to break out a section of the existing pattern imprinted concrete to ac..more

    Problem: After only a few years after installation this block paving had seen a huge development of weeds. The blocks were soiled and dirty and the area looked unpleasant, despite ..more

    The driveway and patio was completed in august 2011. Demolition of the front wall and full excavation of the front turfed area was the starting point. The wall was rebuilt by ourse..more

    This job incorporated the construction of a new wall around the left perimeter of the front drive and a new fence along the right hand side. The driveway integrates an ashlar slate..more

    This project was a exciting one to be involved in, particularly when you look back at how the driveway was before. Fencing was erected to the rear of the property and a patio insta..more

    This project was themed around accessability. An access ramp and steps were formed which would lead from a top patio to a lower patio and garden area, and a hand rail was installed..more

    Using KL blocks the form of the patio was shaped and installed with the pacific boardwalk pattern. To accompany this artificial grass was laid. The inspiration for this was the pro..more

    Two customers decided they both wanted to renovate their driveways and collectively add value to their properties. In this case both driveways had different levels so had to be spl..more

    The Herringbone brick effect was chosen to match the customers existing block paving. However, the customer can be assured that the Pattern Imprinted Concrete will not sink as his ..more

    The area surrounding this property was opened up immensely with paths linking the driveway to the patio, and the patio to various parts of the garden, enabling easy access and crea..more

    The flags were replaced with pattern imprinted concrete to give a good looking, low maintenance patio. Platinum silver was chosen for the colour, as it matched the houses window fr..more

    The customer decided that she wanted a predominantly decked area with the incorporation of a shallow step and a 10 metre squared area of pattern imprinted concrete at the foot of t..more

    This project is from 2010, but as we were doing a job recently on the same street we called round to see if our customer was still enjoying their driveway. They were still delighte..more

    Installed in Mid June 2012, we were installing a job on the same street in May 2012. This was a project that developed from a previous customer forwarding our details to a new cust..more


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