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    This Driveway has featured on our website from the start. Installed in 2001, it was one of the first driveways we installed working for ourselves Complete Driveway designs. Mr Derb..more

    This project was undertaken in May 2009, the customer wanted to create a well presented drive inorder to compliment the rest of the landscaped garden.

    Previously the driveway of this house was block paved which looked unclean, uneven and was sinking in places which was a shame attached to a house of this stature. Once we started ..more

    After conversations with the customer it was clear there was an underlying problem with his current driveway. He couldn't fit his cars comfortably on the drive, and when parke..more

    This was a classic case of a block paved driveway that had sunk everywhere, unfortunately we do not have any pictures from before however here are the completed pictures... The dri..more

    Grasmere, Ashton-Under-Lyne. This was a relatively simple installation; the client didn’t require any of our other services, just a simple pattern imprinted concrete driveway. Oh..more

    This job was a bit closer to home, in Bury, where our office is and it was slightly more involved than the usual pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation. Along with laying..more

    This was quite a big job, involving quite a large area of pattern imprinted concrete, approx 72m2. At the end of the job the client had a pattern imprinted concrete driveway to be ..more

    This was another job on Dee Drive in Kearsley. We often find that we get called back to streets that we’ve visited before, because neighbours get interested in the quality of the..more

    CD Design installed a pattern imprinted concrete patio (covering approximately 100m2) 4 years ago. We were asked back to design and install the complete driveway in pattern imprint..more

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