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    Deepdale Road, Breightmet

    About the Deepdale Road, Breightmet project:
    This was the second project in July where we were set a similar task, to provide a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing patio which would incorporate a ramp with level access for wheelchair use, and install new fencing. We began by tidying the area, and the manhole was replaced by a recessed manhole cover. We then used flags on edge to form the access ramp and the step into the back door. The customer wanted a more contemporary pattern with a shallower depth for the Pattern Imprinted Concrete, so walkway slate was recommended and worked well with the overall shape of the patio area. The concrete was also applied to the recessed manhole so that it blended in with the rest of the patio. Finally Waney Lap fencing was erected on the backside of the property to add privacy to the new patio area.

    Installed: July 2012
    Pattern: Walkway Slate
    Colour: Classic Grey
    Size: 40m2
    Features: Access Ramp
    Extras: Fencing

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