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    Walley Range Remedial Work

    About the Walley Range Remedial Work project:

    Problem: The Water Main underneath the concrete had burst. This meant that the service company were required to break out a section of the existing pattern imprinted concrete to access the water main and undertake their repairs. The hole was then merely back filled with stone and the concrete was left tattered and untidy.

    Remedy: The Broken concrete was initially tidied up by cutting around individual cobbles so that our concrete could merge with the existing pattern more neatly. The area was then dug out to a depth of 100mm and shuttered to suit the original shape of the path. Concrete was then poured and the matching colour and pattern was identified and applied.

    After necessary curing time the whole of the pattern imprinted concrete area was cleaned of any debris and dirt, then after suitable drying time the new concrete was sealed and the whole area was resealed.

    Once completed the patch work which we had done was barely distinguishable and the resealing of the pattern imprinted concrete not only protected the product but brought it back to life, increasing the vibrancy of the colour.

    Address: Walley Range
    Pattern: Cobble
    Features: Remedial work following burst water main under the pattern imprinted concrete driveway

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