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    Hopefold Drive, Walkden

    About the Hopefold Drive, Walkden project:
    This tarmac driveway was found to be lackluster by the owners of the property. They wanted something that was more aesthetically pleasing but didn't want pattern imprinted concrete. With our flexible team that boasts joiners, bricklayers, fencers, flaggers, printers and blockpavers we were only too happy to advise on something different. In the end the customer decided on block paving and chose the Marshall Tegular range. Firstly the driveway was excavated, removing soil, tarmac and unwanted plants. Stone was then placed and dipped to the right level before being compressed. We then created the boundaries using edgings and square Tegular blocks, before sand was placed, sceaded and blocks layed. Three old manhole holes were removed and replaced by recessed manhole covers allowing us to continue the pattern through the drive and over the manholes. When looking through the pictures showing the process, it is an absolutely amazing transformation and one that brings a brighter and more open feel to the front of the property.

    Installed: October 2012
    Pattern: Tegular Block
    Colour: Traditional
    Size: 60m2

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