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    Audenshaw - Remedial Work

    About the Audenshaw - Remedial Work project:

    Problem: After only a few years after installation this block paving had seen a huge development of weeds. The blocks were soiled and dirty and the area looked unpleasant, despite the homeowners efforts to keep it clean.

    Remedy: The whole block paved area was cleaned and jetted with our Whirlaway rotary cleaning device. The additional benefit of using this method, rather than a jet wash, is that the device has a number of rotating jets that clean for vigorously. We are able to clean the area without the surround area becoming soiled.

    Following the wash, we removed any dirt from the drive, cleaned all of the drains and gullies and gave the blocked area time to dry until we returned to re-sand the blocks with dry paving sand. The sand was brushed throughout the job enabling the sand to progress into all areas between the blocks.

    Once sanded, any surplus sand was removed from the drive by gently blowing it off and the protective seal was applied to the entire block paved area. The seal protected the block and effectively reduced the chance of weeds growing back.

    Address: Kingfisher Drive, Audenshaw
    Installed: 2011
    Features: Block Paving Driveway Repair

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