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    Oakwood Drive, Bolton

    About the Oakwood Drive, Bolton project:
    Once the paving stones were removed the driveway was excavated along with part of the front garden. Levels were then set and shuttering timbers were used to form the shape of the driveway. Aco drainage was installed on the gable end of the house and at the foot of the driveway, both leading to a sump to relieve water. KL blocks were then used to form the shape of the lower drive where the garden once existed, and half battered kerbs were installed all the way along the front of the garden. An angled step was built at the top of the driveway leading to the back garden. Stone was then placed on the driveway and compacted. The driveway was then finished with old English cobble pattern with the dove grey colour.

    Installed: August 2012
    Pattern: Old English Cobble
    Colour: Dove Grey
    Size: 90m2
    Features: Angled Step and KL Edges

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