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    Penryhn Drive, Alkrington

    About the Penryhn Drive, Alkrington project:
    This half-flagged, half-concrete driveway and patio had over time become susceptible to weed growth and was very much overgrown. The flags and concrete were primarily removed and the perimeter was shuttered allowing us to gage our levels and grade off. The wall to the front of the house was demolished along with a small garden wall to the rear of the property and was rebuilt using new brick. Old fencing to the left of the drive was replaced, and to the right of the drive bushes were removed and again replaced by new arch top vertical fencing. New deco drainage systems were fitted around the back and gable end of the house to relieve water, and new aco drainage was installed at the foot of the drive so that the property contained its own water. An old manhole hole was removed and was replaced by a recess manhole cover allowing us to continue the pattern through the drive and over the manhole. When looking through the pictures showing the process it is an absolutely amazing transformation.

    Installed: October 2012
    Pattern: Ashlar Slate
    Colour: Brick Red
    Size: 80m2
    Features: Fencing, Walls, Square Step, Circles

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