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    Thorsby Close, Bolton Remedial Work

    About the Thorsby Close, Bolton Remedial Work project:

    Problem: Having had severe weather over the last couple of winters many block paving, tarmac and pattern imprinted concrete driveways have suffered. This particular pattern imprinted concrete driveway was a casualty of this and as such was in a poor condition. The driveway was worn and there was significant evidence of salt damage. The driveway had perished and blown where the tyres had been treading after inadvertently bringing salt onto the drive from off of the gritted roads.

    Remedy: The affected areas where cleaned and any loose aggregates and free bits of concrete were removed. A specialist concrete patch repair was mixed and the necessary corresponding colour was then added to the mix so that on application the repair would blend into the unaffected pattern imprinted concrete driveway. The mix was then applied to areas of disrepair, floated and merged in with the existing pattern.

    Once the repair areas had been given chance to dry the whole drive was maintained with a full reseal and any patch work was almost impossible to identify. All repair work was protected with the reseal and guarded from the inevitably inclement winter weather.

    Address: Thorsby Close, Bolton
    Installed: 2011
    Features: Remedial Repair and reseal

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