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    About the Walmersley project:
    This Driveway has featured on our website from the start. Installed in 2001, it was one of the first driveways we installed working for ourselves Complete Driveway designs. Mr Derbyshire wanted a turnkey project which enabled him to get his driveway and property secure. The Old English cobble effect does not look out of place on this modern looking property, it simply highlights how good pattern imprinted concrete can blend in with today’s modern looking homes. Within the driveway we have a cantilever sliding gate base, which we dug out under the driveway along with the ducting for the power cables. We sourced the gate and the motor system from a local gate manufacturer and took onboard the whole installation.

    As you can see the whole package looks great. The driveway is resealed by ourselves every year, and in turn it looks as good today as it did in 2001. Mr Derbyshire is very pleased with the service we provided. If you should every want to visit this job, please contact us and we can arrange.

    Customer: Mr Mike Derbyshire
    Address: Sabden Close, Walmersley
    Installed: February 2001
    Pattern: Old English Cobble
    Colour: Platt Silver
    Size: 120m/sq.
    Features: Brick Borders
    Extras: Electrically Operated Cantilever Sliding Gate, Ducting installed under driveway for power

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