CD Designs Basic Design Ideas

    When designing your pattern imprinted driveway, patio or other feature, we will discuss with you some of the following things.  Click on the subject headings for more details on each.


    Look at existing construction materials that already exist. It is good practice to consider choosing something that will compliment existing structures.

    Acid stained concrete border - LeylandAcid stained feature border - Preston


    Look at structural elements of the buildings doors/windows/roof and space etc. Consider choosing something that will compliment the colours in its surroundings or choose a positive contrast.

    Coloured concrete feature diamondHalf moon KL stepped area - Oldham


    Concrete can be formed in almost any shape, so it might be interesting to consider the use of curves when thinking about your pattern imprinted concrete and take advantage of this whenever you can. Don’t however, rule out straight lines and edges which can also provide attractive results.

    IMGP0476Feature Norden 1

    Planters/Flower Beds/Graveled Areas

    Consider formed planters, raised planters or flowerbeds, all of which can compliment the surrounding areas and vice versa.


    Decorative Formings

    Consider different types of materials to form shapes, raised levels or boundaries.  You could consider some of the following:- Sleepers, KL Blocks, Plas Pave Blocks, Decking.

    DSC00343a pattern imprinted concrete patio with steps

    Decorative Concrete Features

    There is a choice of printed concrete features available, but just remember that sometimes a little less is more.  You should think about how the features will compliment and not conflict.  You should consider some of the following:- Brick Borders, Cobbled Borders, Circles, Seamless Borders.


    Colours/Acid Stains/Paints

    All of these can be applied to any installation.  You can add colour by pouring different sections and applying different colours.  Acid stains can be applied once the slab has been poured and has cured to highlight borders or circles.  Paints can also be used to highlight various features.  Before you consider highlighting any feature it is important to understand and evaluate the initial costs and compare them against maintenance costs.


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