CD Designs Concrete Driveway Maintenance

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways require minimal maintenance. However, we do recommend re-sealing every three to five years. The frequency with which you should reseal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is specific to each installation, and depends on many factors. Our installation experts will advise you on maintenance timescales specific to your driveway. Re-sealing rejuvenates and protects your pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    Cleaning and Re-sealing

    After the initial installation, cleaning is not recommended for up to four weeks. This will allow your pattern imprinted concrete driveway to reach maximum strength. However, if oil is spilt on your drive then it should be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

    After this four week period has passed, your pattern imprinted driveway can be cleaned. It’s fine to use a power washer, but please ensure that it’s set on a wide fan. Please check the concrete maintenance section of our blog for more advice on cleaning your driveway.

    It isn’t always necessary to wash down your drive before re-sealing, unless it’s heavily soiled. Your pattern imprinted concrete driveway must be bone dry in order to be able to re-seal it correctly; therefore it’s best to re-seal in the warmer months.

    Maintenance Division

    CD Designs now offer reseals and maintenance not only to customers who have had their drive fitted by ourselves, but to all Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway owners. We specialise in the repair, maintenance and reseal of drives that have been worn beyond recognition over the winter months and can restore your drive back to the way you remember.

    For those who wish to try a reseal on their own drive we now offer Reseal Packs that can be tailored to suit your own resealing, repair and maintenance needs.

    For a free maintenance, repair and reseal quote or for more information on our Reseal Packs contact our maintenance division at or call us on 07817364682

    Free Driveway Maintainance Quote

    Concrete Driveway Before Driveway Reseal

    During pattern imprinted concrete driveway reseal

    After Concrete Driveway Reseal

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